How To: Extract vocals from a song using Adobe Audition

Extract vocals from a song using Adobe Audition

This shows you how to extract vocals from a song to create an acapella version using inversions. You need the full version of the song as well as an instrumental one.

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This is an excellent tutorial - There are so many people out there dat think its impossible to get an accapella from a fully mixed track. Seeing is believing (in this case, HEARING and seeing is believing!!

Thanx a lot!!

EXTRA TIP - remember music (some beats) are made out of loops or repeating sections. If you don't have the full track, you can find a part of the song (usually towards the end in most songs) that doesn't have vocals and qualifies to be a 'loop' found somewhere within the song. Create a unique file out of that section and use the technique in this tutorial. If your song has many variations in the beat then maybe you wont be able to extract ALL of the vocals..but its a nice compromise.


w0w!!! i,ve been told dat trick long ago bt i coudnt find a help 2 do dat... Thank u so much 4 dat Tutorial Boos :))

Most ppl believe it's impossible to extract all of the vocals.

This guy is a f*cking Genius.

its just adding a instrumental track out of phase.....

If you look into MS (Mid side techniques) you can get the same result without the instrumental tracks...... It is impossible unless you have both intrumental and the original as IDENTICAL mix's (both from the original session) but who the #$%@ has that? If you do... your either breaking copyright or the record company/artist has supplied the which you could just solo the vocals.

Exactly Where on earth are you going to get an exact copy of the incremental to a song to mix back in to be able to use this technique. You know I get so peed off with the many useless so called tutorials on YouTube like this one posted here. WonderHowTo find someone who knows who can teach something of value.

Chris, who gives a damn how many "useless" videos are on YouTube? I mean really, it's friggin' YouTube man, the nature of it is YOU! So quite whining and take it for it's creative quality. Not to mention he clearly states he's demonstrating a theory that's floating around, and makes absolutely no mention of it's practicality. It doesn't take another Einstein to figure out this isn't practical at all. Kudos nfx, this technique is kick ass. Now this MS technique dadalingda mentioned, i'm interested in that. This really isn't practical at all unless you kick ass at finding instrumentals...

You really are a moron. Ever bought a single? Ever noticed that half (If not more) come with the official instrumental? Ever looked on iTunes or Beatport.

I don't remember a big dance or RnB hit that didn't come out alongside an instrumental.

Hey does anyone know how to do this if you can't find an instrumental? (ex: Earth Wind & Fire. MAN i can't find an instrumental or a capella of EWAF no matter how hard i try)

Did not work when trying to pull a choir out of an orchestral track.

Great tutorial! What's the name of the song in this video?

Using Adobe Audition 3, trying to extract the vocals (chorus & soloists) but leaving the orchestra without making it sound atmospheric (gross audio artifacts that sound tinny), not doing very well. How to find vocal frequency ranges & possibly remove one by one? Ballet teacher needs the music without the vocals, but no orchestration exists on the internet.

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