How To: Strengthan Your Voice

Strengthan Your Voice

these techniques are little warm ups i love to use on a daily bases. it depends how my voice is feeling. singing is my passion. and if it yours, you found the right gal :)

Step 1: Lip Roll

basically all you have to do for this step is roll your lips (but make sure you're not spitting everywhere your actually using a tone of voice) start of not climbing in range...but just one tone do that until you feel comfortable to go on to the next step.

Step 2: Lip Roll 2.0

now after you did that your ready to go up into chest voice down into head voice (and head into chest) . try to go as high as you can, but be comfortable with it, do not strain your voice. or well...choke. just do the best you can, and you will get better if you keep doing these exercises.

Step 3: Light Cough.

a light gentle cough is sometimes all it takes to clear your voice, but in times where you lose your voice from screaming, excessive singing (pressure on vocals) that's not a good idea. things like clearing your throat, screaming and singing incorrectly can all cause Phlegm. which is right away NOT a good sign. here's a list that can cause excessive phlegm.

misuse of the voice in a non healthy way. (singing incorrectly)
smoking, it dries out the vocal cords.

so what i want you to do is to just do a slight cough, and you may feel it in your abdomen, and try preventing phlegm by avoiding the things on the bullet list.

Step 4: Breeeeeeath

the tite says it all! throughout the day breathe correctly (in through the nose out through the mouth) you may forget but its such a good habit to get into.

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