How To: Import a loop and record audio in Studio One

Import a loop and record audio in Studio One

First you need to do is press the t button in your keyboard and add a new mono track. Choose mono in format and click OK.

Now click on record enable icon located at the left side and then click on input 1 an choose eureka - s/pdif r. Now add tuner to the track by pressing the f5 button in your keyboard which open up the browser. Now click on effects tab and drag the tuner on top of the audio track in arrangement. Now add some ampire by dragging it to the arrangement. Now add some of the loops which came

with the studio one like drums. So click on sound tabs and choose any loop you like. You can preview any loop right from the browser just by double clicking on that loop. And now drag it to the arrangement. You can press the d button in your keyboard to locate it and to build in arrangement. Now click on the record button to start recording, you can press the space key in your keyboard to stop it and you are done.

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