How To: Master your song in Studio One

Master your song in Studio One

Come see how to master your own music tracks with software by Studio One! Just follow the step by step instructional video. Mastering is done from the project page, which is not available in Studio One Artist. If you want mastering features, please upgrade to Studio One Professional. How to Master a song using Studio One: Adjust song start and end markers: Click on Open Marker Track button. Click and drag start and end markers to the beginning and end of the song. Master a song in a new project: Select Add to Project from the Song menu and choose New Project Update the mastering file for the song, by clicking yes when prompted. All changes will be saved to the song which was added. Anytime changes are made, the software recognizes this, and will prompt you to update. You can have any number of songs or audio files added to the project. Each will have its own insert device rack. Each track can be edited for artist name or composer name. The Master Device Rack and Meter section, help you finely tune your project. Finish Mastering: You can easily burn a CD or mp3 album, or other digital release, by simply clicking on the digital release button. Mastering tracks has never been made so easy. Just follow these simple steps outlined with this step by step video, and master your own music simply.

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