How To: Use the Mastering Suite in Studio One

Use the Mastering Suite in Studio One

Two books were presented as suggested reading. One was by Bob Katz: Mastering audio; art and science. The other was Bob Alginski: the Audio Mastering handbook. Mastering takes a collection of songs and makes them sound like they belong together by making certain technical changes. The project page in Studio One is where the mastering is done. Drag in your sound content that you will be working with. Make sure you have the most recently updated version. If you are using multiple tracks, you must determine the order and timing between the tracks playing. There are a couple of technical considerations that must be looked at before you are ready to burn the CD. These are compression and equalization. These are accomplished by using the Multiband dynamics, compressor and the limiter. You can import reference materials (a CD that you would like your project to sound like) to get a feel for the way you want the project to sound. Finally, you are ready to burn your standard red book audio CD.

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