How To: Make DIY broadband acoustic panels (or bass traps) with rockwool insulation

Make DIY broadband acoustic panels (or bass traps) with rockwool insulation

This short video tutorial will outline the process of making acoustic wall panels using a simple wooden frame and rockwool insulation. These DIY broadband acoustic panels, or bass traps for treating music studio rooms, performance rooms or home theater rooms, will save you tons of money.

These panels are 119cm x 61cm x 5cm, but the dimensions can be customized to your own requirements. Rockwool can be purchased at a variety of thicknesses depending on your requirements. If you do make thicker panels you might need a mid-supporting piece of wood as the fabric alone might not be able to hold the weight in the center. These ones are mounted at reflection points to dampen the room acoustics. If you wish to use them as bass traps then it's best to space them away from the walls and make them thicker. Alternatively they can be mounted across room corners you may want to make them thicker if you intend to do this. You can use a fabric of your choice as long as it's fairly porous and thin. Try blowing through it!

Purchase rockwool or rocksill panels of the rigid type (not the rolls) as it's fairly easy to work with and can be cut with scissors or a knife.

For more information on acoustics and room treatment, visit Sound Advice: Studio Design - Acoustics.

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