How To: Bring vocals into Reason with no timing problems

Bring vocals into Reason with no timing problems

Josh shows how to correctly add vocals into Reason software without timing or drift audio issues. The purpose of learning how to do this is to be able to add additional creative flair to a song, which Josh shows in a separate tutorial. To learn how to do this, you can begin in GarageBand or any other digital audio software program. To successfully do this, make sure you begin and end on a measure and export on a one into Reason. This ensures a seamless addition. In the next step outlined in this tutorial, you will need to create a recycle bin where the vocals will be sent. The trick is to remember that whatever bar you export the vocals out at, you should set it one bar less than that. The final step is bringing everything created in the first two steps into the original song into Reason. You need to go into the Verse Vox and open the new vocals creation and add it into the existing song. Follow the three steps outlined in this video tutorial to learn how to add vocals into an original music piece using Reason.

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