How To: Digitize those old tapes, 8-tracks, and records

Digitize those old tapes, 8-tracks, and records

"An older gentleman told me the other day "no one makes any records anymore!" Well, I thought to myself; "millions of people make records every week, just not on vinyl or tape like in the old days..."

Ever since the Irving Family Episode where I showed Joelle how to convert all her old mix tapes to mp3's (, alot of people have come up to me asking how to go about doing it.

Well I finally got around to putting together a short tutorial on how to convert those tapes to mp3's, and many of you will find it surprisingly easy. Most of what you need is probably lying around your office, or in your storage closet; I also offer suggestions on how to achieve the best audio quality. Good luck and enjoy this fun video!"
- Lloyd Emelle

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very helpfull and entertaining

That was awesome. I have a question. I am wanting to digitize 4 track cassette tapes. I have a 4 track cassette player and I have a digital 4 track cassette recorder. My plan is to dub from the tape 4 track to the digital 4 track, and then I can easily transfer the wav files to my computer. The question I am wonder is what is the best cable option for connecting the two? The cassette player has 4 rca tape out holes. The digital 4 track requires 1/4 inch cable to input. I can buy cables that do that or just converters to attach to rca cables I already have, but I am not sure if there is a difference in the quality I might get with that, or if there isn't some higher grade of such a configuration for best sound quality. Thanks.

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